12 Step Call Chair

12th Step Call Committee Chair

The people on the 12th Step List are individuals who are willing to respond to the person who has called AA for help — day or night. They believe it is very important to give back what was so freely given to them.


For all positions within Intergroup, a commitment of your time and a desire to be of service, are the main qualifications.

  • The 12th Step Call Committee Chair should be someone having a good level of sobriety, two years is suggested.


The 12th Step Call Committee Chair is a member of the office committee. The office committee is one part of Regina and Area Intergroup.

Position Description and Duties

The Chair and Committee:

  • Maintains and keeps current a list of all AA members who are willing to receive 12 step calls from those in need.

“However tempting it may be to assign follow-up calls to those individuals and groups that seem especially willing, the Twelfth Step work is something all the groups in the community should be encouraged to share.”

From MG-02 A.A.® Guidelines – Central or Intergroup Office
with permission of A.A, World Services, Inc.