Intergroup Committee

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PositionNameGroupTerm EndContact
Intergroup ChairCatherine H.Free SpeechJanuary 2023 –
December 2024
Intergroup Alternate ChairJim L.VibankDecember 31. 2024Contact
Intergroup SecretaryGraham B.Acceptance is the AnswerDecember 31, 2024Contact
Intergroup TreasurerChris S.South HillsdaleDecember 31, 2023Contact
WebservantBrittany B.Rolling Home GroupDecember 31, 2024Contact
12th Step Call ChairJason P.12 Steps to RecoveryDecember 31, 2022Contact
12th Step Call ChairRyan C.HeartviewDecember 31, 2024Contact
Co-Newsletter EditorAngela L.Never AloneDecember 31, 2023Contact
Alcathon Committee ChairVacantDecember 31, 2024Contact
Treatment Facilities ChairMelanie H.December 31, 2024Contact
RoundUp Committee ChairBrenda G.FellowshipDecember 31, 2023Contact
Public Information ChairTom K.VibankDecember 31, 2023Contact
Corrections Facilities ChairRod R.VibankDecember 31, 2023Contact

For More information please see:

Regina AA Intergroup Structure Guidelines(2012)
MG-02 A.A.® Guidelines – Central or Intergroup Office.