Office Coordinator/Committee Chair

Office Coordinator/Committee Chair(Trustee)

The Office Coordinator oversees the day to day operations of the central office. Additionally, they chair the office commitee; a sub-commitee of Regina Intergroup tasked with the day to day functions Intergroup provides.


For all positions within Intergroup, a commitment of your time and a desire to be of service, are the main qualifications.

  • The Office Coordinator/Committee Chair should be someone having a good level of sobriety, two years is suggested.


The Office Coordinator/Committee Chair is a member of the Regina Intergroup Committee.

Position Description and Duties

The Coordinator/Committee Chair :

  • Sees that AA information pertinent to groups is copied and mailed to the listed group contact.
  • Ensures up to date meeting lists, which provide information regarding times and places of AA meetings are maintained.
  • Supervises sales of AA approved literature.
  • Ensures a 24-hour telephone help line is maintained.
  • Supervise all expenditures of the office.
  • Review monthly all literature sales, purchases and mailings.
  • Submits an annual budget to Intergroup.
  • Presents major policy, financial, location or staff changes to Intergroup Committee for review.
  • Meets monthly with the Central Office Committee to deal with business pertaining to the central office and it’s sub-committees.
  • Presents a Central Office Report to the monthly Intergroup meeting.