Treatment Facilities Committee Chair

Treatment Facilities Committee Chair

The groups who place their names forward for service within treatment facilities understand the best path to maintaining their own sobriety is to work with other alcoholics, both new and still suffering.


For all positions within Intergroup, a commitment of your time and a desire to be of service, are the main qualifications.

  • The Treatment Facilities Committee Chair should be someone having a good level of sobriety, two years is suggested.


The Treatment Facilities Committee Chair is a member of the office committee. The office committee is one part of Regina and Area Intergroup.

Position Description and Duties

The Chair and Committee:

  • Maintains and keeps current calendars of scheduled meetings to be hosted in the various facilities around the area.
  • Works to ensure their are hosts for all dates in the meeting calendars.
  • Advises ASAP their group contact lists of any changes, openings or cancellations in the calendars.
  • Provides updated calendars to their group contact lists and treatment facility contacts.

“The central/intergroup office can maintain contact with local groups in correctional facilities and treatment facilities, offering literature and prerelease A.A. contacts and arranging for A.A. speakers and visitors to meetings. When there is a corrections or treatment committee for this purpose, the service office may assist it through close cooperation with local hospitals and prisons.”

From MG-02 A.A.® Guidelines – Central or Intergroup Office
with permission of A.A, World Services, Inc.