Services and Committees

Services provided by the Intergroup body are:

The AA Intergroup Office

  • Provides 12 step services to the local AA community by the administration of local AA finances
  • Copying and mailing of pertinent AA information to groups
  • Copying and mailing of pertinent AA information to groups
  • Maintaining a 24-hour telephone help line
  • Selling of AA approved literature
  • Updating the meeting list which provides information regarding times and places of AA meetings

The office is also a bridge between the general public and AA in Regina and area. All literature sales raise funds towards carrying the message.

The 12 step committee

  • Compiles and maintains a current list of all AA members who wish to receive 12 step calls from those in need


Newsletter committee

  • Produces, copies, and distributes the monthly AA newsletter, which informs AA members of current events within the local AA community


Website committee

  • Ensures that the Regina AA website is kept current and conforms to AA principles


Speakers Meeting committee

  • Organizes the Saturday evening speakers meetings


Public Information committee

  • Informs the general public about AA and the services that are available locally.


Corrections committee

  • Carries the AA message to inmates in the prisons and correction facilities.


Treatment Facilities committee

  • Provides information about AA and carries the AA message to clients and staff of treatment facilities in the Regina area.


Co-operation with the Professional Community

  • This committee is responsible for keeping in touch with professionals such as doctors, nurses, clergy, and lawyers in order to inform them of the services provided by the Regina AA community.


Alcathon committee

  • Organizes the annual Alcathon held each Christmas and New Years in Regina


Roundup committee

  • Organizes the annual Regina family roundup


Social committee

  • Organizes social functions for AA members in order to encourage fellowship among members


Information committee

  • Its duties are to inform AA members about Intergroup and encourage participation. Each of these committees has a chairperson / trustee and volunteers who freely give of their time to ensure that these services continue to be available to the Regina and area AA community.